30/01/2017 – 05/02/2017


Nextbit News

The first big thing that I want to talk about is Razer buying Nextbit. Now there is a chance that you won’t have heard of Nextbit before and I wouldn’t really be surprised. Nextbit was a pretty innovative Kickstarter phone company and was the creator of the Nextbit Robin. The idea behind the Nextbit Robin was to remove the problem of running out of storage on your phone. It did this by judging which apps you did not frequently use and storing these apps in the cloud, if you then needed to use the app again you just had to re-download it. Most people will have probably heard of Razer before, but if you haven’t, Razer makes a variety of gaming hardware. So what would they want with a phone company? So far it doesn’t look like they will be interfering much as they have carried across the whole Nextbit team to continue the work that they have been doing. The acquisition of Nextbit will give them more resources and more opportunities to create innovative products, in the Nextbit’s CEO’s words they will “Continue to push boundaries in mobile”. Although at the moment there is no signs of any new products coming from Nextbit any time soon.

Windows 10 Cloud

Microsoft announced their alleged competition for Chrome OS… Windows 10 Cloud. Microsoft haven’t said much about Windows 10 Cloud, however we can guess that Windows 10 Cloud will likely be a lighter version of Windows 10 meaning that it will only be able to run Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Microsoft has not wanted PC creators to go anywhere near Chrome OS and this could be their new enticing alternative. However there is the risk that it falls flat like Windows RT did.

Windows 10 Cloud

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Apples New Chip

Apple is reportedly making a new chip for their Macs that could potentially boost battery life. This will be music to peoples ears who have been fans of the Macbook Pro line which at best could only ever boast an average battery life. One feature that this new chip will reportedly improve is the efficiency of low power and sleep modes, this potentially would improve overall battery life.

LG Watch Style Design Leak

The design for the LG Watch Style was leaked ahead of its release this week. As the name suggests the LG Watch Style takes a more stylish approach than LG’s other soon to be released smart watch, the LG Watch Sport. The new watch has a crown similar to the Apple Watch and is rumoured to function in a similar way. This watch has been codesigned by Google, much like the Nexus line of smartphones, so we should expect that this watch will show off all the newest features that will come with Android Wear 2.0. It is rumoured that the watch will cost $249.00 and will be released in the UK on the 9th February.

LG Style Watch

Nintendo Wii U Ceases Production

Finally, Nintendo has ceased production of the Wii U in Japan. The Wii U has been the poorest performing console that Nintendo has ever realised, selling just 13.5 million units. However the Nintendo Switch is predicted to be a much more successful console.


These are the top tech stories that of this week. I will be updating this weekly so be sure to check back each week to catch up on what is happening in the world of tech.