06/03/2017 – 12/03/2017

Kerv Contactless Ring:

Kerv is a ring that has launched in the UK and you can buy now for £99.99. The Kerv ring can be used for making contactless payments, public transport in London or even unlocking your front door (only if you have an NFC lock of course). You can use the Kerv anywhere that accepts Mastercard contactless payments and it does not need to be paired to your phone so no phone, no problem. Also, it does not require recharging, is waterproof and Kerv claim nearly as hard to scratch as a diamond.

Currently, the Kerv is only available in the UK as the company wants to be sure that the launch goes to plan.

For more information on Kerv, check out their website: https://kerv.com/en/Kerv ring

Microsoft Pushing Adverts:

Microsoft really wants people to pay to use their OneDrive cloud service so much so that they have begun pushing adverts into the File Explorer. If you have noticed these annoying adverts in your File Explorer, don’t fear, they are easy to switch off, when in File Explorer, you simply head to the top menu and click on View > Options, then turn off ‘Show sync provider notifications.

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Google’s Jamboard:

If you were in the market for the Microsoft Surface Hub, Microsoft’s giant 55 or 84-inch hi-tech whiteboard that costs $8,999 or $21,999, then the massive price will more than likely put you off. However, Google will be releasing their competition, the Jamboard, which at $4,999 is by no means cheap but a fraction of the price of Microsoft’s Surface Hub. If you can hold off on your purchasing the Surface Hub for a little bit longer, you only need to wait until May for the Google Jamboard to be released.

Google Jamboard Meeting

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Nokia 3310:

On the other end of the spectrum from the super expensive hi-tech Jamboard, is the budget Nokia 3310. It is expected that the Nokia 3310 will cost around £35. This has not been confirmed yet but you can expect a price around this point. We can also expect to see the new phone be released in May according to the online UK retailer Clove.

Nokia 3310

Elon Musk to fix South Australia’s power crisis in 100 days or it’s free:

Elon Musk is the co-founder of the electric car company Tesla and he has made the huge promise that he will be able to fix the South Australian power crisis in 100 days or he will do it for free. South Australia has been facing price spikes and rolling blackouts since September last year. However, Musk says that Tesla will be able to solve this problem in 100 days, thanks to the stepped-up production of Tesla’s new Gigafactory, located in Nevada. To deliver on this promise Musk will need to provide 100-300 megawatt hours of battery storage. If this battery farm is delivered, then it should even out-price spikes and prevent blackouts, providing a much more reliable network.