20/02/17 – 26/02/17

Google and Bing Making Piracy Harder:

Microsoft’s Bing and Google will now be demoting piracy websites. This will make it harder for users in the UK to find sites used to illegally stream movies, download music and stream live sport. Google and Bing signed up to a voluntary code of practice that will run alongside current anti-piracy policies and is expected to be up and running by summer. Rather than committing to adding new measures, Google has indicated that it will use this to see whether the measures they already have in place are working effectively.

Windows 10 Update:

People haven’t even received the first major update of Windows 10 yet (the Creators Update which will likely be available in April) and Microsoft are already confirming a second major update for later in 2017. What will this update contain, well so far we don’t know a lot, however, we do know that it will polish up the user interface (UI) and bring back some of elements from Windows 7.

Windows 10 Cloud

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AMD Ryzen:

For years now Intel have dominated the market when it comes to processors and AMD has been looked over by many. However, now AMD are releasing the new Ryzen line of processors and it is turning some heads. People are expecting to get good performance out of the 8-core Ryzen chips and they are set to cost half as much as the Intel equivalent. However, some may be more hesitant as AMD have had problems in the past with things such as Linux support.

Blackberry Keyone:

Also turning heads is Blackberry. It has been a long time since most people have shown any real interest in a Blackberry phone. However they have taken a step closer to the limelight with the announcement of the Keyone. The phone combines a physical keyboard which supports gestures, with a touchscreen. The main focus of the Blackberry Keyone is productivity, it is for this reason that a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor is being used. The 625 is far from the fastest smartphone processor that is available however, it does offer great battery life, especially if you pair it with the 3505mAh battery that Blackberry has, this should have one of the best battery life’s that you will be able to find on any Android phone.


Waymo vs Uber

If you don’t already know, Alphabet is the parent company of Google, it is also the parent company of Waymo. Waymo is what was formally the self-driving car project of Google. Waymo has recently filed a lawsuit against Uber, accusing them of stealing their trade secrets. This lawsuit argues that the former manager of Waymo, Anthony Levandowski, downloaded more than 14,000 files before leaving the company, including some on Waymo’s LiDAR system, a system used to map the surrounding environment. Anthony Levandowski moved on to co-found Otto. Waymo claims that this has fast-tracked Otto and Uber’s self-driving programs.