06/02/17 – 12/02/17


Amazon Go

You may have recently seen Amazon advertising their chain of hi-tech supermarkets. They currently have a prototype Amazon Go store in Seattle that is only open to employees, however, Amazon does plan to soon make the store open to the public later this year. Amazon also has plans to open another 2,000 stores in the future. These Amazon Go stores will reportedly only need 3 employees to run the store. The bottom floor will be dedicated to thousands of products that shoppers will generally prefer to touch and see before they buy, such as food. The top floor of these stores will be occupied by all the other products… and the robots. This floor will be full of robots that will grab and bag what you order. Using robots isn’t a new thing for Amazon as it is common place in Amazon warehouses, but it’s cool to see that these stores will be mostly ran by them.


Apple VR (or maybe AR)

Apple is rumoured to be the next company to enter the world of VR, or maybe AR, it’s not yet clear which. These rumours are supported by patents that Apple has filed as well as the employment of VR experts. Also, Google, Microsoft and Facebook are all known to be working on their own VR and AR projects, so it would seem unlikely for Apple to be left behind. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also shown enthusiasm in this area in the past.

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iPhone 8 Rumours

Still on Apple, if you thought iPhones where expensive before, get ready to be paying even more for them. The iPhone 8 is rumoured to cost over $1,000.00. What warrants this price? Well from all the rumours that are coming out about the new iPhone, we can be almost certain that there will be a 5.8-inch curved AMOLED screen which will cost Apple double what they spend on the LED screens they currently use. There are other rumours such as better memory and a better camera, but the new screen is what people seem most sure about. Good news though if you still want a new iPhone but don’t want to spend $1,000.00, alongside the iPhone 8 we could possibly see an iPhone 7S and an iPhone 7S Plus.

Bose Headrest Speakers

Bose are planning on introducing headrest speakers into cars. These speakers will “whisper” directions into the drivers ears. They demonstrated these new 2.5in speakers at CES in Las Vegas. Here is how it works: When you are driving, music will be coming out of all the speakers in the car including the Bose speakers in the headrest, when you come to a left turn for example, the music will dim in the headrest speaker and tell the driver to “turn left”. This will be barely audible to the passengers in the car but will be very clear to the driver. Bose is hoping to introduce the speakers into a whole range of cars, for example we should see them in the new Nissan Micra.

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Solo: The Emotional Radio

A design company called Uniform, has designed a new innovative “emotional radio”. The Solo radio uses AI to judge the user’s mood and then play music that matches the mood. The user needs to face the radio, the radio then takes a picture of the user and sends the picture to a Microsoft API (Application Programming Interface), this then analyses the users face to judge how they are feeling and plays songs per your emotions. The creators of the Solo radio see the radio to be used in more practical ways as well, for example, if you were driving and looked tired, the radio would play more upbeat songs to wake you up.