The Two Biggest Announcements from Apple’s WWDC 2017

Tim Cook with Home Pod background

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, has just passed us by and there were some pretty exciting announcements for the fans of all things Apple. However, my two favourites where the Home Pod and the iMac Pro so without any more delay, here is a summary of the two brand new products.

The Home Pod:

The Home Pod is the new smart speaker that Apple announced at their 2017 WWDC developer conference. Apple seemed very keen to push the message that this is a speaker. It has smart capabilities but Apple are really marketing the Home Pod as a high-end speaker. The Home Pod has a 7-tweeter array, a 4-inch woofer and is approximately 7 inches tall. One of the really smart features of Apples new speaker is that it is spatially aware. This means that if you put it by a wall it will know and therefore will dull the side that is facing the wall so the sound won’t be bouncing off of it and if you have it in the middle of a room, it will have the same level of volume coming out of all sides.

Siri will be integrated into the speaker to provide the smart functionality that you get on the Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers. However, as this speaker is being marketed as less of an assistant and more of a high-end speaker, the price does reflect this at $349. However, this price isn’t outrageous for the high-end speaker market but it does mean that if all you want is a smart assistant, the Home Pod probably isn’t for you.

Unfortunately, this is an Apple product, which is great if you are already in the Apple eco system but if you aren’t then you won’t really be able to use this speaker as it will be relying solely on Apple Music. If you use a different music streaming service then you are unfortunately out of luck.

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The iMac Pro:

Over the past few years, the professional market has been feeling let down by Apple as the last Mac Pro that they released was in 2013. However, Apple aim to make up for that with the new iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac that Apple have ever made. The new iMac Pro comes with up to 18 cores, up to 128 GB of RAM and up to a 4TB SSD. These are some pretty impressive specs that even the biggest Apple hater would struggle to argue with. Some other things worth mentioning are the stunning 5K display and the space grey colour that people love.

iMac pro

If you asked any professional who bought the 2016 MacBook Pro what the biggest let down was, they would probably say the lack of ports. This will not be a problem for anyone with an iMac Pro as it will come with 4 Thunderbolt 3/ USB type C ports, a 10 Gb Ethernet port, an SD card reader, 4 USB type A ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

However, there is again a catch: The iMac Pro will cost you $5,000… This computer is aimed at professionals who use their computers a lot and will appreciate those impressive specs, but the fact that this computer is non-upgradeable means that you are stuck with what you get which will likely turn a lot of people off of the iMac Pro.

Both the iMac Pro and the Home Pod will be launched in December. If you are looking forward to Apple’s newest products then be sure to like this post and subscribe so that you stay up to date with all the latest post on Your Tech Review Blog.


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