Smartphone Batteries Could Take as Little as Five Minutes to Charge by 2018

If you ask around, one of the biggest problems that most people have with their smartphone is the battery. Well the problem of your phone taking too long to be fully charged could be a thing of the past as soon as next year.

Thanks to the Israeli start-up StoreDot, new smartphones could take as little as 5 minutes to fully charge with StoreDot’s FlashBattery. The FlashBattery was first demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas back in 2015 and the Chief Executive, Doron Myersdorf, has told the BBC that they now expect the FlashBattery to enter production in early 2018. However, Mr Myersdorf did not say which manufacturers would be using the technology.

Back in the 2015 demonstration, some versions of the battery were thicker than most smartphone batteries, but it is now claimed that the new technology is ready to be introduced into the market. Mr Myersdorf also stated that the technology was currently in pilot production at two Asian battery makers and he expected that mass production would be commencing in the first quarter of 2018.

However, Ben Wood, a Technology analyst at CSS Insight, does give us reason not to get out hopes up to high. In an interview with the BBC he said “I would say that experience has taught me to always remain sceptical. Let’s see if it happens would be my view.” He also pointed out that any design that generates a large amount of heat can impact on the performance of the battery.

Although, if the new technology is successful at tackling one of the biggest problems with smartphones then this could have a huge effect across all consumer electronics.

StoreDot market the FlashBatteries as environmentally friendly when compared to the competing technologies which are based on “heavy and toxic metals”. StoreDot claims that the organic compounds they use are non-toxic and are environmentally safe. They also state that the batteries can be manufactured at a fraction of the cost.

If you want to know more about StoreDot and their FlashBattery, visit their website here: 


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