Spotify Codes

What are Spotify Codes:

Spotify Codes are Spotify’s innovative new way to allow users to share what they are listening to. It allows you to easily share the new playlist that you’ve made, or the album that you are listening to.

But how does it work?

Well it’s very simple really:

Firstly, open Spotify and go onto a playlist or song, then click on the three vertical dots (which will be in a different location depending on whether you are looking at the album artwork or not):

Once you click on the dots you will see either the album artwork or playlist picture with a bar code (that looks similar to an audio wave) at the bottom of the picture.

Spotify Code
Code under the album artwork

To scan the code, simply press search and then click on the camera in the search bar. When you point the camera at a Spotify Code, you just need to hold it still and it will quickly bring up the desired album or playlist (much like a QR code).

A Spotify Code doesn’t have to be scanned directly from someones phone however, it can just as easily be scanned from a screenshot (try this yourself using the above example!), or as we may soon see promotional posters.



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