Why Do iPhones Perform Well With Lower Specs?

iPhone 6 lineup

If you have ever analysed the specs of an iPhone and compared them to the high-end Android competition, you may then have wondered how an iPhone was able to compete when its specs are usually so much lower. Yet somehow iPhones are consistently faster than Androids. There are numerous reasons for this and in this post I will attempt to comprehensively list a few.

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The A chip series:

Most smartphones run a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, however iPhones use a chip that is built by Apple specifically for iPhones. That’s not to say that the chips used in other phones are worse, it is just that the A series chip, created by Apple, is designed specifically to fit well with all the software and hardware that Apple use in their iPhones.

One line of phones:

Apple has one lineup of phones; the iPhone. This means that the task of optimising apps to work well with the software is a much simpler task for developers than it is on Android where there is so many different companies manufacturing phones, all in different ways.


IOS is a closed source OS, whereas Android is Open sourced; both have positive aspects and drawbacks. However, that is something that I may cover in another post. The fact that IOS is closed source makes it much easier to optimise since it is only made up of libraries of code that has been written by specific teams. Therefore, there is much less redundant code and with each upgrade to IOS, these libraries of code can be optimised as there is less to go through than there is on Android.

So in summary, the reason that iPhones often perform faster and more consistent than your high-end Android phone (which has better specs) is because:

  • Apple’s A series is designed specifically for iPhones,
  • The iPhone is the only line of phone that runs IOS,
  • Due to the closed source design process, IOS is easier to optimise.

There are other reasons why iPhones run well on lower specs, however in my opinion, these are the three most important aspects.


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