Is the iPhone 8 going to be released early?

iPhone 8 Concept

The iPhone may be coming earlier than usual this year with reports that Apples suppliers may be beginning production in June. However, earlier manufacturing doesn’t necessarily mean an earlier release data. With almost every iPhone coming out in September it seems unlikely that the iPhone 8 will come out at an earlier time, although Apple has never given any formal commitment to keeping this schedule.

But if Apple aren’t going to release the iPhone 8 early then why are they going into production early? It could be due to them expecting an increase in sales and this is supported as there has been some indication that Apple will be ramping up production of their new phone, which could be to meet anticipated demand.

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There is also the rumours that the iPhone 8 will have an all new design that is unlike any other iPhone that has come before it. The new design could have a much longer production period due to it being a more complex design. If you haven’t already heard, the big rumours about the iPhone 8 are the removal of the home button, a new curved OLED screen, an almost entirely glass body with stainless steel sides and the finger-print scanner being in the screen.

It is highly likely that we will be seeing this new design from Apple for a few reasons; 2017 will be 10 years of iPhones so we should expect something big from Apple and so far the iPhone 7 hasn’t been selling as well as previous iPhones which could be due to a stagnated design causing customers to not feel the need to go out and buy the newest Apple smartphone.

Are you excited for the new iPhone? If not what phone are you most looking forward to this year?


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