Microsoft 2017: Predictions and Rumours

Over the past few years, Microsoft has been turning a lot of heads due to how innovative they have been. As Apple have arguably stagnated in their innovation, Microsoft have really stepped up to the plate with products such as the Surface line and their Continuum project. With that being said, what will Microsoft be up to in 2017?

As far as the Surface line-up goes I am almost 100% certain that we can definitely expect to see a Surface Pro 5. This will likely have an all-round increase in general specs, such as an update to the newer Kaby Lake processors and the introduction of USB-C ports. But the newest aspect to come with the Surface Pro 5 is the new Surface Pen. The new Surface Pen looks like it’s going to get the much needed upgrade to being a rechargeable accessory. It is possible that we could also see a new Surface Book. But how will Microsoft improve upon this already very impressive laptop? They could just throw in a couple of USB-C ports and call it a day. However, what I would like to see happen is that they upgrade from a dual core to a quad core processor, although this may be difficult to do given the small form factor of the Microsoft Surface Book. However, if they wish to compete with the MacBook pros this is something that Microsoft has to figure out. Now even more unlikely, but still possible due to recent trends, Microsoft may try to incorporate VR support into the next generation of the Surface Book, although this is just speculation for now.

2017 will be the year that Microsoft brings out the Windows Creator update. The update to Windows 10 is expected to debut in April and will be the first large update to Microsoft’s new operating System since its release in 2015. This new update will support AR and VR applications. Another large part of the developer update that Microsoft has been keen to show off is the new Paint 3D. Paint 3D allows the user to, as the name suggests, create 3D models, this potentially adds much more functionality to the app.

2017 may even be the year that Microsoft makes a splash in the smartphone market, rather than the small drop that it made before. This could be the year that we see the release of the much anticipated Surface Phone. There is a predicted release date of October 2017 but this has not yet been confirmed. Although there have been very few rumours about the specs of this phone, it is still more exciting than any other Windows phone that has been previously released because of the Surface branding that has been put on it. The Surface line-up has been very strong over the past few years and if they make a phone to match that calibre then 2017 may be the year that people start to take Microsoft seriously in the smartphone market and app developers may finally begin to see a reason to make apps for Windows phones.

What are you most looking forward to from Microsoft in 2017? Let me know down in the comments.


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