Google 2017: Predictions and Rumours

As far as 2016 goes, it was a pretty good year for Google. They released one of the most anticipated and exciting smartphones of the year, the Google Pixel. They also released their competition to the Amazon Echo, Google Home. For these reasons Google were on a lot of people’s radar as much more than just a search engine. But what will 2017 bring for Google?

As far as future Pixel phones, there seems to be no rumours coming out about it yet. However, I have seen a few people’s predictions and have a few predictions myself just by what is missing from the Google Pixel. I think that we should expect to see the next phone by Google to be waterproof so that they don’t get left behind by their competition. I would also expect a set of stereo speakers, hopefully front facing like the Nexus 6P. After all, they have the room on that big chin at the bottom of the phone. The screen on the Pixel is really good but since this is a phone that boasts its VR capabilities I would expect the standard model to perhaps move up from a full-HD to a 2K screen and the XL to maybe even have a 4K screen. If this was to happen, a bigger battery would be needed so that the screen doesn’t drain all the power. Hopefully, Google will continue to improve upon “the best smartphone camera”, and perhaps incorporate some sort of dual lens feature, like the one on iPhone 7 Plus.

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On the tablet front, this may be the year that we see a successor to the Nexus tablet line, however expect it to be called a Pixel of some sort. With this new tablet, we can expect great specs as well, Google seem to want to compete with the likes of the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface. We can also expect this tablet to come with the release of an all new operating system that combines the flexibility of Android with the power of Chrome OS, code-named Andromeda. To find out more about Andromeda, click here.

In 2017 you can expect to see Google Home get a lot smarter. This is because the Google Assistant, which comes on the Pixel and Google Home, will be getting much smarter since the Google Assistant API has been released. This allows third party apps to build in support for the Google Assistant, meaning that you will be able to tell more apps what to do with your voice, which simply makes the Google assistant and therefore Google Home, a more useful tool.

Is there anything big coming from Google in 2017 that you’ve heard about? If so, let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about it!


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