Switching From Windows To Mac

Before I made the plunge and switched to using a Mac I had been finding my Windows laptop to be slowing down on me quite dramatically, it was just over three years old, so I thought why not get myself an upgrade. I did quite a bit of research into new laptops and MacBook’s kept on coming up in all the recommendations, but for my budget the ones that had all the ports that I wanted just where not an option. That is when I stumbled across the Mac Mini, it had all the ports I needed and what I think to be pretty decent specs for what I use it for. However, I will not be reviewing the Mac Mini here. I wanted to share my thoughts on switching from using the Windows OS to Mac OS. Before I start I want to make it clear that this is the first machine I have ever owned that has ran Mac OS and I have had very limited experience prior to owning the Mac Mini. I obviously won’t be covering everything; these are just the big differences that I notice the most.

What I Love: 

The Dock

The Dock on Mac OS is really handy and really easy to customise to suit your own personal needs. It is a lot like the task bar on Windows, but in my opinion it looks a bit nicer. The dock gives you quick access to your downloads which I find to be pretty useful. However, I do miss having the date, time and battery always there in the Windows task bar. This information is still easily accessible at the top of the screen, but if you are not on the desktop then you have to move your mouse up to the top to get it to drop down, a small problem but it would be nice.

Hot Corners

Hot Corners are a great idea I have mine programmed to; show the desktop, start the screensaver and to bring up my notification centre. Obviously with there being four corners you can program four different actions however none of the other options appealed to me so I just made it so that the two on the right of the screen bought up my notification centre.

Mission Control

This is probably my favourite thing of the Mac OS. If you put something to full screen it becomes its own kind of window (not sure of the official name). And I have programmed my mouse so that one of the buttons on the side shows all the different “windows”

I find this feature to be really useful, I also have it so that my F1 key does this as well.

 What I Miss:

 File Explorer

After years of using Windows and then suddenly jumping to Mac, this was probably the most noticeable thing. The File Explorer in Windows is far superior to the Finder on Mac. I am really struggling to get used to the way that Macs save, there doesn’t really seem to be any logic to it. For example, if I try to save a word document, I go; File, Save As, hit the dropdown for where but then not all my locations are available. I can click documents, but then I can’t pick a folder in documents, very annoying.

Start Menu

The Start Menu on Windows is another thing that I took for granted. It is just always there and really easy to use, I like the look of it to. I’d say the closest thing to an equivalent is the Launchpad, which just isn’t as good. A mac has all the parts that make up the start menu but they just aren’t all in that one handy place.

At the end of the day though what operating system you use is really all down to personal preference, I am really enjoying using my Mac at the moment but that is not to say I won’t ever go back to Windows, after all I was one of the few who had a Windows Phone… Not any more though.

Which OS do you use and why? Let me know down in the comments.


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